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Do I have to order through your website using PayPal or can I use a credit card?

No, you can either checkout as a guest by entering your credit card information (you still have to click on the PayPal button but then you checkout as a guest).  If you would prefer to use another payment method, you can order through our office.  Checks can be mailed in for payment, and credit card payments can be made by phone, or by scanning and emailing, or mailing an order form to us. Order forms are located on the reverse side of our newsletter answer sheets.

How do I login to ‘My Account’?

If you have already purchased items through our website (or been manually added through our offices), you simply log in using the login information that you created (or were provided), and you will automatically be directed to a customized account page with links to your packages and quizzes. To get your CPE credit, simply complete the online quizzes in your account, and you will be assigned your CPE credit, and if you provide your PTIN, we will electronically report your hours to the IRS for you. Anytime you come back and log in to our website, you will automatically be redirected to your customized account page. If you have never purchased through our website, simply go to the Order Now page and select the items or packages you want. Once you checkout, you will be directed to create an account on our website, then you will be able to login to your customized account page.

How long has CPElite been in the continuing professional education business?

CPElite has been providing continuing professional education since 1987.

Is CPElite IRS-approved?

CPElite is an IRS-approved sponsor [Sponsor #QERWN] and is listed on the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy’s (NASBA) National Registry [NASBA # 103215].

In what formats does CPElite provide CPE materials?

CPElite offers CPE credit through digital delivery of our newsletters and courses. We offer a variety of packages which provide timely information from Congress, the IRS, the Courts, and the Treasury.

We also offer many “stand-alone” courses each year.

CPElite also offers an Unlimited CPE option!  Click on The Elite Quarterly Newsletters link for details.

How does CPElite CPE materials compare to those of other organizations?

Compared to CPE materials offered by national organizations such as the AICPA, the quality of our materials is second to none and our cost structure offers considerable savings to you.  Each course is written in understandable language and contains many examples and TAX SAVERS.  Our newsletters contain tax compliance and tax planning pointers.

Does CPElite CPE material meet AICPA/NASBA QAS standards for CPAs and licensed accountants?

Our courses and newsletters conform with the enhanced AICPA/NASBA QAS Standards for providers of continuing professional education. We are listed on the National Registry of CPE Sponsors, and our materials ARE QAS-approved. NASBA Sponsor # 103215

Do I have to complete my CPE credits through your online testing system?

Starting in 2020 we will be migrating to online testing only.  For 2019 you may still complete your CPE credits through the mail, fax, or email by using the answer sheet and mailing instructions provided in the newsletter.  If you will take your CPE tests in this manner, you may purchase and download the education materials and testing materials directly from the CPElite site store.  After we receive and score your answer sheet, we will email a certificate of completion to those who scored 70% or better.

How will I receive my certificate of completion after testing online?

Your certificate of completion will be provided to you in two different formats. First, you will receive a printable certificate of completion in a pop-up window after you successfully complete your test. You may print it immediately or save it to a file on your computer. Second, you will receive an email copy of your certificate sent to the email address that you entered at the beginning of your quiz.

Is CPElite a registered CPE sponsor in Texas?

CPElite is a Texas State Board of Public Accountancy registered CPE sponsor. Our sponsor ID # is 005180.

What if I have other questions?

Click on our Contact Us tab and you will be provided with several methods for contacting CPElite. We will be happy to hear from you!